Burmann Alimentos began its work in 1991, mainly focused on representing small producers and cooperatives for grains, selling their products to large distributors, supermarkets and food industries. Today it operates as a broker of cereals as well as commercial importer and exporter of several kinds of food.

 It is located in Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul, where the climate differs from the other regions of the country because the seasons are well defined and have one of the best soil for planting many cereals, fruits and seeds like wheat, rice, beans, sunflower seeds, corn and popcorn.

 The company has participated in national and international fairs in search of new partners and customers in order to spread the quality of its products especially selected for the international market.

Participation in trade fairs and missions:
Fairs in Hannover - Germany (2002)
Shanghai, China (2004) - Mission of Apex - Business Roundtable
World Food Fairs in Germany - ANUGA 2005
Mostly Cloudy World Food Paris - France SIAL 2006
Mostly Cloudy World Food Paris - France SIAL 2010
. World Food · Fairs in Germany - ANUGA 2013

Burmann Alimentos want to be a marketing channel of grain and food from the producer to distribution centers and manufacturing, provide quality food to its customers and partners of Brazilian and foreign companies.

Burmann Alimentos want to be a national reference in the grain market and food and increase its international market share.

Ethical and responsible conduct
Clear and precise communication
Solid Relationships and reliable partnership

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